Staff “Getting to Know You” Forms

Would you like to know more about our WUES teachers and staff? Would you like to send a card or note to celebrate a birthday, or send in a special treat? PTO’s got you covered!  Just click on the names below to link to a Getting to Know You profile.


Mrs. Amaya – 2nd Grade DLI
Mrs. Barnes – Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Bassett – 3rd Grade
Mrs. Beidari – 1st Grade
Mrs. Bernabe – Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Broome – School Nurse
Ms. Brown – Resource Teacher
Mrs. Burnette – 4th Grade
Mrs. Ceasar – ASC Program Coordinator
Mrs. Chapman – 5th Grade
Ms. Combs – 2nd Grade
Ms. Cortez – 4th and 5th Grade DLI
Mrs. Cram – Occupational Therapist
Ms. DaPolito – 1st Grade
Ms. Davidson – Kindergarten
Mrs. Davis – 4th Grade
Mrs. Deese – Bookkeeper/Secretary
Mrs. Diaz – Kindergarten DLI
Mrs. Dobbins – 5th Grade
Mrs. Downs – 2nd Grade
Mrs. Duty – 2nd Grade
Ms. Earley – EC Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Earley – Kindergarten
Mrs. Elam – 2nd Grade
Mr. Ford – PE
Mrs. Hardison – Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Hardy – Cafeteria 
Mrs. Hauser – Cafeteria
Mrs. Hennen – 2nd & 3rd Grade DLI English
Mrs. Herwig – Guidance Counselor
Ms. Holbrook – 3rd Grade
Mrs. Hood – Cafeteria
Mrs. Jeffcoat – Media Center
Ms. Johnson – Data Manager/Secretary
Ms. Kaelin – Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Kermes – Kindergarten
Mrs. Klepfer – 4th Grade
Mrs. Lee – Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Lewis – Speech Pathologist
Ms. Mullis – 5th Grade
Mrs. Myers – Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Reese – Music
Mrs. Rogers – 3rd Grade
Mrs. Rottgen – After School
Mrs. Sanabria – 3rd Grade DLI
Mr. Sica (Mr. Gary) – Custodian
Mrs. Sierra – DLI Kindergarten
Mrs. St. Clair – 3rd Grade
Ms. Stubbins – EC Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Starnes – After School Program
Mrs. Thomas – 1st Grade
Mrs. Thompson – Assistant Principal
Mrs. Turman – Teacher Assistant
Ms. Turner – Art
Mrs. Vassil – AIG
Mrs. Wall – EC Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Warren – ESL
Mrs. Whitaker – 1st Grade
Mrs. Williford – Principal