Spirit Rock Reservations

The WUES Spirit Rock is available for birthday/half-birthday greetings, congratulations or well-wishes. It is reserved on a first come, first serve basis. The PTO is very excited to now offer spirit rock reservations online!! Reservations and payments will be completed using Signup Genius.

  • You can reserve the rock for $5 each day you want your message to stay up. Payment MUST be made at the time the reservation is placed.
  • You may paint the rock anytime on/after 3:00pm the night BEFORE your reservation.
  • We do not reschedule or refund for rain.
  • All materials, supplies and labor are your responsibility.
  • The PTO assumes no responsibility for people who paint the rock without reserving it.
  • Any message that is deemed inappropriate will be painted over.


The best paint to use is spray paint.  You will probably need 2-3 cans for a good base coat.  It will depend upon the color you are using, the color already painted on the rock and weather conditions. Remember, latex paint or paint that is rolled on will take longer.

The following links in Signup Genius will be used to reserve the spirit rock:

August 2022 Spirit Rock 

September 2022 Spirit Rock 

October 2022 Spirit Rock 

November 2022 Spirit Rock 

December 2022 Spirit Rock 

January 2023 Spirit Rock 

February 2023 Spirit Rock

March 2023 Spirit Rock

April 2023 Spirit Rock

May 2023 Spirit Rock

June 2023 Spirit Rock

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