Birthday-gram Reservations

The PTO is excited to offer another way to celebrate your child’s birthday or half-birthday with birthday-grams! Your child will receive a stuffed animal and a special message left by you.  The birthday-gram will be delivered to your child’s classroom the morning of their birthday.

The birthday-gram can be reserved online. Reservations and payments will be completed using Signup Genius.

  • You can reserve the birthday-gram for $5. Payment MUST be made at the time the reservation is placed.
  • Leave your special message for your child as part of your reservation.
  • If your reservation falls on a day when there is no school, the birthday-gram will be delivered on the next school day.
  • Any message that is deemed inappropriate will not be included with the birthday-gram.

The following links in Signup Genius will be used to reserve Birthday-grams:

August 2021 Birthday-grams 

September 2021 Birthday-grams

October 2021 Birthday-grams

November 2021 Birthday-grams

December 2021 Birthday-grams

January 2022 Birthday-grams

February 2022 Birthday-grams

March 2022 Birthday-grams

April 2022 Birthday-grams

May 2022 Birthday-grams

June 2022 Birthday-grams