Jiffy Pass Key Fob

Purchase a Jiffy Pass Key Fob Today!

In order to streamline the sign-in process in the front office we are now offering the ability to purchase a Jiffy Pass Key Fob if you are a UCPS-approved Volunteer.

Instead of entering your name, location, etc. each time you come to school, you simply scan the key fob on the scanner to the left of the laptop to sign in and scan it again to sign out. A sticker will be printed with your name which you will wear while on school property.

Click Jiffy Pass Key Fob to download the attached form and return along with your payment. Once payment has been received, your Jiffy Pass will be activated and can be picked up in the front office. 

The Jiffy Pass Key Fob is non-transferable and will be confiscated if it is used by any other person.  You must be a UCPS-approved volunteer to receive a Jiffy Pass and agree to adhere to these guidelines.  Please use common courtesy and wait in line to sign-in even if you are using your Jiffy Pass; the Jiffy Pass does not mean you can skip the line.